Memory of men



A wise man once said true love does not exist
and if it does it lives just for a moment
During that moment both of them feel the same
and both of them can guess the feelings of each other
no rush, no disbelief, no second thoughts exist
their mind is not doubting how strong the feelings are
Their dreams come together, they get on the same route
a sea calm and peaceful appears for them to wander
no winds, no pirates there to ruin their journey
as long as the trust is prevailing for that moment
And then all of a sudden you can sense a small breeze
you notice in the surface a presence of dangerous tails
the ship has lost its track, there is no helm or paddles
one compass without an arrow, a mast without its sails
Both of them now are seeking for a safe place
an island suddenly seems not to be far
both of them are trying for once more to cooperate
until their feet are touching the sand
“I hope you will remember me
the color of us was not just grey
this pile of sand will not be your memory
the footsteps we made would not be swept away…”
Vlissingen (2013)





I ‘m going where you ‘ve been

I ‘m coming where you ‘r standing

all this work before my eyes

all this life behind my head

until all that will come as none of us wanted to an end

you will be the one to point at the birds

you will be the one to shout for the rain

do not feel intimidated if people hear you

do not stop smiling if I ‘m not near you

just wait for my reflection on your screen again

Amsterdam (2012)



I watch the sun, the sun is fading

who is the one that put my ending?

I was once the world’s example

all now is gone, as it was bubble

I can’t see well, my eyes feel heavy

all seem so blurred, all seem so messy

My foots are missing, my arms are cut

I ‘m dressed as if I was attacked

I can’t recall, I can’t remember

who are the ones my body dismembered

Are those my people who didn’t guard me?

who left the foreigners to overpower me?

Or even them who joined the feast?

who ate my flesh and served the beast?

I ‘m left alone, the sun is fading

my eyes feel heavy, I see the ending