He grabbed the flower, the flower was burning
he looked at his hands but nothing was melting

he turned to himself, he wondered if he was dreaming
he slapped his face to check if he was still living

A girl was staring his hands that were on fire
she thought to herself: “he could fulfill my desire”

his hands seemed suitable to warm her heart
which was once broken by a reckless young stud

suddenly the wind blew all of her thoughts
what she was feeling, turned into words

the man could now hear what she was thinking
he looked at her eyes as they were blinking

he tried to tell her to stay more calm
he tried to explain her that he wasn’t a scum

Though she felt so embarrassed, her body was trembling
her cheeks were so blushed, she thought she was melting

her arms and her legs became so thick
they changed their colors, their texture turned stiff

her head turned white, then green, then red
she could no more see, she thought she was deaf

she only could feel her body to burn
to be transformed, to turn into a stem

the man ran towards the girl that was fading
he could not find a way to help her escaping

he opened his arms in order to grab her
instead on his hands, he found a flower…